My personal identity

Hello internet people! My real name is Dicha Zelianivan Arkana. I'm a self taught front end web developer (fullstack soon ツ) and an open source enthusiast. I do some random project just for a hobby now. You can check my github here.

If you visited this site before, you might notice that my username is Irrellia. I changed it to my middle name and removed the first and last letter ( Zelianivan). Apparently, my previous username is one of League of Legends character. I don't fancy having a same name as anybody else, I like to have a unique name ツ.

About my website

I built this website using an awesome SSG called Gatsby JS. It is based on React JS with some GraphQL magic, and voila! You get this awesome Static Site Generator. It has so many plugins to help you build your website.

I hosted this website on Github Pages because it is so easy to setup, it's free and it has a cool domain name (to me at least lol). Though I might buy my own domain in the future. I use the help of Travis CI Github Actions to build and deploy my code automatically everytime I push to my repo so I don't have to build it manually and deploy it by myself.

My setup

I made my website using my laptop which is Thinkpad X220. Here's a table about my current specs if you want to know.

My X220 specs
CPUi5 2520M (3M cache, up to 3.2 GHz)
GPUIntel HD Graphics 3000
StorageAdata SU650 120GB
RAM2x4GB DDR3 1333MHz
Monitor12.5-inch TN panel with 1366x768 screen resolution
OSGNU/Linux (Archlinux)

Those are the hardware side of thing, now let's talk about the software side of thing. I use Archlinux as my operating system. You can read a post I made a while ago about why I use Linux. I use a window manager called DWM BSPWMAwesomeWM. My text editor is Neovim which is basically Vim with steroid. All of my dotfiles can be found here